Call Scheduling is a feature which is available in within several of the DrayTek router functions – basically allowing you make and drop ADSL, VPN and other connections according to a predefined time schedule. For instance a business might require an always-on VPN to connect between branch and head offices during business hours (say 8am-9pm allowing for overtime or end-of-day processing), but to be off at all other times. Similarly a security-minded home user might decide to only connect their ADSL from 3pm to 10pm on weekdays. This (a) ensures the kids don’t stay online too late at night, and (b) eliminates the possibility of being hacked while no-one is at home.

Example: A virtual company wants to set up a usage rule to disallow employees to use the Internet connection during work hours 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. This rule is effective for all weekdays, Monday to Friday.

Please follow the steps below to set up the call schedule.

Step 1 

Configure the correct time and date in the “System Maintenance >> Time and Date”configuration menu as in the example below:

Step 2

Go to “Applications >> Schedule” configuration menu.

  1. Select Index 1
  2. Enter the Start Time as 0, Duration Time as 7.
  3. Select Force On in the Action field.

Note: The time fields are Start Time and Duration Time, respectively.

Step 3

  1. Select Index 2
  2. Enter the Start Time as 18, Duration Time as 6.
  3. Then select Force On in the Action field.

Step 4

  1. Select Index 3
  2. Setup the Start Time as 7, Duration Time as 11.
  3. Select Force Down in the Action field.

Step 5

In Internet Access Setup, enter the call schedule index1~3.