In this example we will block MSN (Hotmail) and Yahoo mail but will allow users to access on google mail.

Please go to Objects Settings>>Keyword Object

and add the ff profiles.

Go to Keyword Object>>Keyword Group then create a group ex. Blacklist Mail.

Select the webmails to be blocked then click OK.

Go to CSM>>URL Filter Profile  and create the ff groups as shown in this example.

Create a profile to allow access to Gmail

Click edit on the URL Access Control then select the keyword object Google Mail.

Create a profile to block webmail

Select the keyword group “Black list Mail”.

Go to CSM>>Web Content Filter Profile

Create a profile “Block Webmail”, tick on enable and webmail.

Go to Firewall>>General Setup, select “Block Webmail”  on the drop down menu for Web Content Filter

Then click OK to save.