This document applies to the Vigor2710 series and the Vigor2820 series routers.

In this example we wish to prevent the PC with the IP address from accessing the Internet but allow access the remote office network over the VPN connection.

The Remote office network is using the IP address range from to

Step 1 – Select Firewall filter Rule

Go to Firewall >>Filter Setup configuration menu.

Select Default Data Filter and edit the next available Filter rule as shown the diagram below. We have selected Filter Rule 2 and called it Kim Filter.


Step 2 –Edit Firewall filter Rule

Enter Configuration details:

a     Enable Filter rule

b     Set direction to LAN -> WAN

c      Enter the IP address for the computer to be blocked (

d     Edit Destination IP. Here as shown in the diagram enter the IP range for the remote VPN network then invert the selection as shown. Here we entered the IP range to

e     Set Action/Profile to Block Immediately- Note the inversion on the LAN subnet which means block all except the LAN subnet

f      Save settings and test