IMPORTANT ! It is suggested that your LAN Administrator implements thisguide. Any variation to this information guide may result in unexpected errors.

In order to get ELS working through your firewall and /or the Network Address Translation (NAT) device, you will need to ensure that the following traffic be allowed through the following ports to the corresponding (IP) addresses:
TCP transport mode:
Port: 10000 (Outbound)

UDP transport mode (with NAT device):
Port: 500 & 4500 (Outbound)

UDP transport mode (with no NAT device):
Port: 500 & 10000 (Outbound)
VPN concentrators (TCP or UDP mode):
Mel/Ade (IP):
Syd/Bri (IP):
Telnet (client and Server):
Port: 7586

Telnet to the CEG servers:
Melbourne (IP):
Adelaide (IP):
Brisbane (IP):
Sydney (IP):

If you connect via the ISyd/Bri concentrator you will not be able to access the Melbourne ( or Adelaide ( telnet
sites and similarly, if you connect to the IMel/Ade concentrator you will not have access to Brisbane ( or Sydney

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