Q: Is the MAC address spoofed in 1/2 bridge mode?

A: No, Vigor router will use its real MAC/ LAN MAC to communicate with the PPPoE client.

Q: How are PPPoE LCP echo request packets handled?

A: Vigor router acts as PPPoA/E relay which will help to maintain the ppp session for client and the ppp session from server. Vigor will not send LCP but forward LCP requests and responses between server and client.

Q: Does the modem pass PPPoA up & down signals back to the PPPoE client via PPPoE Active Discovery Terminate (PADT) / Session-confirmation (PADS) packet or would an internal firewall/server rely on LCP echo requests failing to determine if the DSL link is down?

A: It depends on the client. Vigor acts as PPPoA/E relay will not send out PADT or LCP Terminate to server if it doesn’t receive such packets from client.