Wake on LAN (WOL) is an Ethernet computer networking standard that allows a computer to be turned on or woken up remotely by a network message sent usually by a simple program executed on another computer on the network. This is most commonly used by large businesses, to perform software updates remotely outside office hours.

Computers that are to be woken up need to be in Suspended (power saving) mode (Sleeping, Hibernating) but not disconnected from its power source. The network card listens for a specific packet containing its MAC address, called the “Magic Packet”. If the Magic Packet is valid, the network card takes the computer out of hibernation or standby, or starts up.

Note that for WOL to work it requires:

    • The NIC and motherboard in your PC to support WOL (WOL compliant)
    • The PC needs to be in Suspend mode – not powered OFF!
    • The PC  will  need to be configured for Wake-On-LAN

Step 1: Determine the “MAC” address of each PC to be woken up

Each PC network interface will have a unique hardware (MAC) address. To determine this address for a windows PC go to the command prompt and run the “ipconfig /all” command and make a note of the physical address.

Step 2: Enter the “MAC” address of each PC into the router

Go to “LAN>>Bind IP to MAC” configuration page and create the entries in the IP Bind List.

If the computer is attached to the router, its details will appear in the ARP Table. In this case select the entry and click [Add] to add it to the IP Bind List.

If the computer is not currently connected and you have determined the MAC address in Step 1 as well as the IP address, then manually enter the details here.

Triggering WOL from the Vigor Router
For this method you will need to log into the Vigor router. If you are logging into the router remotely, you will need to enable the router for remote management.

Go to “Application>>Wake on LAN” menu page.

You can use the option to wake by entering the Mac Address or by selecting the IP address from the pull down list as shown in the following examples:

Example 1: Entering Mac Address

Example 2: Select the IP address from the pull down list. This IP address / MAC address has already been configured in the Bind IP to MAC function set up previously.

The MAC address field is entered automatically when the IP address is selected.

Send the WOL Command to the Required Computer

In this step Click on [Wake UP!] button for the command to be sent to the required computer to be woken up