The Web Content Filter on Vigor routers, if enabled, will check the category of every web site you try to visit against a database of prohibited web sites. If the web site matches one of the banned sites on the database then access to that web site will be blocked. This is useful to protect children from visiting web sites that are undesirable or harmful. For example web sites having adult or sexual content.

For older model routers go to “Firewall >> Web Content Filter Setup” configuration menu to activate and configure the Web Content Filter.

For later model routers go to “CSM >> Web Content Filter Profile” configuration menu to activate and configure the Web Content Filter.

For our example we will use a later model router (Vigor2820) supporting CSM. We will configure the web content filter to block web access for a range of IP addresses ( to on our network to our selected categories.


Step 1:

Go to “CSM>>Web Content Filter Profile” and select the next available profile. In our example we have selected Profile#1.  Click on this to enter the configuration page.

Step 2:

Select the required categories to be blocked and click [OK] to save. In our example we have selected all the Child Protection categories and gave the Profile Name “Child Protect”

Step 3: Configure Firewall Filter

a. Go to “Firewall>>Filter Setup”, select Default Data Filter

b. In the next screen select the next available Filter Rule. Here we select Filter Rule 2.

c. Now you will go to “Firewall>>Edit Filter Set>>Edit Filter Rule” configuration page.

  • Select “Check to enable Filter Rule” checkbox
  • Enter a comment
  • Select direction LAN>>WAN
  • Click on Edit for Source IP to enter the range of IP addresses for this rule to apply. We have entered the IP address range of to
  • Under Application select “Pass Immediately” in the pull down menu
  • For Web content Filter select the profile we created earlier from the pull down menu. Here we selected “Child Protect”

Click [OK] to save settings


Once enabled, the Vigor Router will automatically access the database to determine which sites to block.