This guide applies to router models that use CSM with object-based settings: Vigor2110, Vigor2710, Vigor2820, VigorPro5300, VigorPro5500, VigorPro5510.


The steps below will allow you to block facebook web sites for some users by using the router URL content filter. This method show how to restrict access to facebook based on the LAN computers IP address, so you will need to assign static IP addresses for each PC on your network.

In our example all computers except those having an IP address with the range of to will be blocked from accessing facebook web sites.

Step 1 – Define Keyword Object

Go to Object Settings>>Keyword Object configuration menu.

Enter facebook in the Contents field as shown in the diagram below:

Step 2 – Set up URL Content Filter Profile

Go to CSM>>URL Content Filter Profile configuration menu

Select the first available profile and enter the settings as shown below.

If you wish to also prevent users from accessing facebook web sites by using the IP address of the web site then also tick the selection box “Prevent web access from IP address” in CSM>>URL Content Filter Profile

Step 3 – Configure Firewall

Refer to the diagram and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Firewall>>Filter Setup configuration menu.
  2. Select Default Data Filter.
  3. In Default Data Filter configuration menu select the next filter rule. We have selected Filter Rule 2.
  4. Select “Check to enable the Filter Rule” and add a comment in the comment field.
  5. Select “LAN to WAN” for the direction
  6. Click on Edit to enter the required range of IP addresses to be allowed access to facebook and select “Invert Selection”
  7. In “URL Content Filter” pull down menu select the “Facebook” profile in the pull down list. This profile was defined in step 2.
  8. Save all your settings

Now all users on the LAN except for computers having an IP address within the range of to will not be able to access “facebook” web sites by using either the web address or IP address. If they try to access facebook, they will be greeted by the following message:

The requested Web page has been blocked by URL Content Filter.

Please contact your system administrator for further information.

This message can be customised in CSM>>URL Content Filter Profile configuration menu.