Some Vigor routers, such as Vigor2700V, Vigor2710V, Vigor2820V, etc., have two FXS ports, and each of the FXS ports has an internal phone number by default:

  • 10 for FXS1 and 20 for FXS2 – For Vigor2700V/VG, Vigor2710Vn 2820Vn
  • 01 for FXS1 and 02 for FXS2 on 2910V/VG

With the internal port numbers, you can not only call one phone from another, but also transfer calls easily between the two ports.

Before you start to transfer calls, you need to enable “Call Transfer” function for both ports first.

The settings are in “VoIP >> Phone Settings” of WUI.

When you have an incoming call to FXS1, pick up the phone, press ‘FLASH’ key first, then ‘20#’, the call will be transferred to FXS2 immediately.

On 2910V/Vg router use 02# to make a call from FXS1 to FXS2

On some phones they have the “Flash” button and others you use the * button.

NOTE: Do not set any dial-plan entries which conflict with these codes.