Before you start to configure VoIP on your Vigor3300V router ensure that you have connected the Analogue Phones to the router and the router is connected to the Internet.

Your chosen VoIP Provider will supply you with the details required to configure your VoIP device. At a minimum they are:

  • Your unique username or subscriber/member number
  • Your unique password, required to access your VoIP account
  • SIP Registrar or SIP Proxy server – a domain name or IP address (e.g.
  • SIP Port number (almost always 5060 )

For example, iiNet provides the following details:

  • Domain/Realm:
  • SIP Proxy Server:
  • Username:              00881009
  • Password:               123456789012


Step 1

Log into your Vigor3300V Router Web Interface and go to “VoIP>>Protocol” configuration menu.

Tick the Active box and enter the SIP account details in “SIP Configuration” menu. The example used here is for iinet.

Step 2

Go to “VoIP>>Port Settings” configuration menu. Click on the required FXS port to edit.

Now enter the required details for the SIP account and select enable.

Step 3:

Check that the SIP account has registered.

You should see “OK” in the “Register Status” column next to port configured.

Note: To configure other FXS ports repeat the above steps.


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