NOTE: Please ensure that your computer is included in the “IP Bind List” in the router; otherwise you will be locked out from the router. Changing the IP address of your PC will also deny you access to the router.

Step 1 – Find out Mac address of the designated PC/LAPTOP

On the computer, go to the “DOS command and prompt” and enter the command “ipconfig /all” to find out MAC and IP address of the PC/LAPTOP.

Below is an example for wired PC.

Below is an example for wireless PC.

Below is an example for a wired Apple Mac or Macbook

Below is an example for a wireless Apple Mac or Macbook

Step 2 – Make a note of the Mac address

Step 3 – Enable Bind IP to Mac

Log into the router and go to LAN>> Bind IP to Mac configuration menu

Select Strict Bind, enter the IP and MAC address and then click on Add.

Click on OK to save