Before your Vigor router will make a VoIP call, it has to know that you have finished dialling the number. It does this by waiting for 3 seconds after you have finished dialling the number.

To eliminate the delay press the # (hash or pound) sign on the telephone keypad at the end of the number to instruct the Vigor router to place the call immediately.

Adjusting the Time Delay

In Later Model Routers e.g. Vigor2850Vn it is possible to change the time delay.

You will need to go into the CLI interface of the router.
Steps required are:

1. Telnet into the router.
2. Enter the following command:

voip dsp timer ?

You will see some detail explanation come out.

3. Enter the command:

voip dsp timer 0 4

and you will see

Current timer:0, PHONE_NUM_LEN=4

The first digit “0” means you will have to wait 0 sec after entering phone number.