The Vigor2800 router can be configured for MPoA pass-through to allow you to connect a broadband router such as the Vigor5510 to an ADSL line. The example below shows how to configure the Vigor2800 router for pass-through and the Vigor5510 will authenticate with the ISP.

Step 1Configure Vigor2800

Go to Internet Access>>MPoA configuration menu.

Enter the DSL modem settings corresponding to your ADSL line. In our example we are using MPoA.

Tick box for “Enable Bridge Mode”


Step 2Configure Vigor5510

Go to WAN>>Internet Access configuration menu

Select “Static or Dynamic IP” for Access mode and click on [Details Page] button


Select Enable for “Static or Dynamic (DHCP Client)”

Click on “Specify an IP Address” and enter the corresponding IP’s.

Step 3Check Connection Status

Go to Online Status menu page and check the WAN 1 status. It should look similar to the screen shot below if connection to internet is successful.