This document will show you how to configure the VOIP feature in the Vigor2820Vn router for FaktorTel VOIP service. This document also applies to Vigor2700V/VG, Vigor2710Vn, 2100V/VG and Vigor2110Vn router models. FaktorTel have two types of VOIP services:  prepaid and postpaid.

For prepaid service use:

For postpaid service use:

 Step 1: Configure SIP account

  1. 1.     Go to Voip>>SIP Accounts and select the first available index.

Enter SIP accounts details as shown below:

  • For prepaid service use:

  • For postpaid service use:

Step 2: Check SIP Account is Registered

When the SIP account is registered with FaktorTel the letter “R” should appear in the Status as shown in the diagram below. If “R” does not appear then check for errors in the details entered in the previous step.

Step 3: Configure Phone settings

Go to Voip>> Phone Settings configuration menu and select the port where the phone is connected.

Select required codec from the pull down menu.

FaktorTel supports both G.711A and G.729a codec’s

Click on [Advanced] button and now configure required tone settings and DTMF mode. Set DTMF mode to INBAND (RFC2833 does not work)

We have selected Australia for the required region.

Step 4: Configure Dial Plan if Required

For instructions for configuring Digit Map settings see “How to use the Digit Map” or  the “VoIP – Digit Map” application note.