This FAQ will apply for both the Vigor2700 [G][V][VG] and the 2700 [e][Ge]

Procedure STEP-BY-STEP

  1. Open your browser and enter in your address bar
  2. Enter the username and password of your router. By default it will be Username: “admin” and Password: (leave as blank) or if you have changed this, please enter the new username and password
  3. Click on “Internet Access” on the left side menu then click on “Multi-PVCs”
  4. Enable Channel 3
  5. In the VPI field type in “0
  6. In the VCI field type in “35
  7. Select the QoS Type to “UBR
  8. Select the Protocol to “MPoA
  9. Select the Encapsulation to “1483 Bridged IP LLC
  10. Click “Ok” to save the configuration

11.  Select “Port-based Bridge” page

12.  Enable Channel 3

13.  Tick P2~P4. Enable the port (P2, P3 or P4) only if the PC is going to  connect TPG IPTV

14.  In Service Type, select “IGMP

15.  Click “OK

16.  Click on “Applications” on the left side menu then click on “IGMP

17.  Tick the “Enable IGMP Proxy

18.  Tick the “Enable IGMP Snooping

19.  Click “OK” to save the configuration

16.  Telnet to the router and enter the following command:

ip igmp_snoop txquery on

IPTV over Wireless Connections

The Vigor2700 [G][VG]  router also supports IPTV over the wireless network.

Select the required wireless SSID in “Multi PVCs >>Port based bridge” configuration menu in addition to the settings described above to set up the router for IPTV.