Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a security authentication client/server protocol that supports authentication, authorization and accounting, which is widely used by Internet service providers. It is the most common method of authenticating and authorizing dial-up and tunnelled network users.

The built-in RADIUS client feature enables the router to assist the remote dial-in user or a wireless station and the RADIUS server in performing mutual authentication. It enables centralized remote access authentication for network management.

To configure the Radius client go to “Applications>>RADIUS” configuration menu. Tick the” Enable” box and enter the required information.

Enable:  Check to enable RADIUS client feature

Server IP Address:  Enter the IP address of RADIUS server

Destination Port:  The UDP port number that the RADIUS server is using. The default value is 1812, based on RFC 2138.

Shared Secret:  The RADIUS server and client share a secret that is used to authenticate the messages sent between them. Both sides must be configured to use the same shared secret.

Confirm Shared Secret:  Re-type the Shared Secret for confirmation.