This function is available from firmware version 2.6.2 and above and is only available in the Command Line Interface of the router.

Telnet to the router and run the “switchport” command. This is available in the network configuration option.

The syntax for this command is:

Full Name:  Set switchport function



switchport -s

switchport <Port> <Mode> <Auto>


<Port>            1-4

<Mode>            1: Auto ; 2: 100/F ; 3: 100/H ; 4: 10/F ; 5: 10/H

<Auto>            0: Manual ; 1: Auto

For example to configure LAN port 1 to 100Mb full duplex use the following command:

Switchport 1  2  0  [Enter]

For other DrayTek models

Use the telnet command:

>Port <1,2,3,4> <AN,100F,100H,10F,10H,status>