Update: DrayTek now provide the DrayDDNS service for free! For details click here.


Go to any dynamic DNS provider and register an account.

Some Dynamic dns service providers are:

1.)    www.dyndns.org
2.)    www.no-ip.com
3.)    www.dtdns.com
4.)    www.changeip.com
5.)    www.ddns.com.cn
6.)    www.3322.org
7.)    www.dynamiczonedit.com
8.)    www.twodns.de
9.)    www.strato.eu
10.)  www.ovh.com
11.)   www.tzo.com


After you have registered the DynDNS account, login to your router and add the dynamic dns .

To check if the dynamic DNS is working, open a command prompt and type nslookup yourhostname.domainname. eg:

You should see the correct hostname/domain name and IP address.