Request Timeout error message may be due to a number causes:

1. Incorrect IP address: Your computer may not be configured with the correct IP address. Check that the computer has an IP address in the same subnet as the router. (e.g. Router IP address and computer IP address

2. Wireless LAN Connection: Attempting to carry out the upgrade over a wireless LAN connection. The wireless LAN connection will be dropped during the firmware upgrade process thus causing abnormal termination of the upgrade. You must have the computer connected to the router LAN port by Ethernet cable.

3. Software Firewall: Software firewall may be interfering with the upgrade procedure. If using Windows Vista PC, you will need to temporarily shut down the windows firewall as this will causes problems for the firmware upgrade program.

4. Delay in Starting the upgrade: When the router is manually placed into TFTP mode it remains in this state for a few seconds. If there is a delay in clicking on “send” in the firmware upgrade utility, the router TFTP mode will timeout before the firmware is uploaded to the router.