Normally the ACT LED will flash once every second to indicate that the router is operating correctly. However, under some conditions the router firmware may become corrupted and place the router into an abnormal state. The router will go into TFTP download mode which is indicated by both left LEDS flashing on the 2800 and the 2910 series routers.

When the router is in this condition it cannot be reached by either telnet or the web browser. The only option is to re-install the firmware to recover the router to a working state.

Under some circumstances where the router is not working normally and the firmware cannot be re-installed then the router can be forced to go into TFTP mode. To do this carry out the following steps:

1. Turn off the router
2. Using a pointed object press and hold the reset button on the rear of most routers or on the front of the 2820 router
3. Whilst holding the reset button, switch on the power to the router
4. Wait until the two LEDS start flashing together and then release the reset button.

The router will remain in this mode for a short period only

When the router is in TFTP mode you must use the Firmware Upgrade Utility. This program can be downloaded from our web site. It is part of Router Tools and can be downloaded from:

When the router firmware has become corrupted its DHCP facility will not operate normally. You will need to manually configure your computer with an IP address ( and the router IP address will be Enter the relevant details into the firmware upgrade utility and click Send

Please note: Your Computer must be connected to the router LAN port by Ethernet cable.

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