The following applies ONLY to DrayTek units purchased in Australia or New Zealand.  For units purchased elsewhere please refer to your country’s distributor, the place where you purchased the unit, or contact

Repair Procedure

  1. Try the troubleshooting proceedures
  2. If the above does not solve the problem, please contact our online helpdesk. If you have no internet connectivity you may phone our Support department on (02) 9838 8899.
  3. We will need a description of the problem (the more detail the better), and things you have tried to fix it.  Please also attach log files, screen images, configuration file as appropriate.
  4. We will try to troubleshoot the problem with you. Most problems are often solved by a configuration setting or firmware update.
  5. If we are unable to suggest any other steps to try, we will issue an RMA number and email you a RMA Form. Please complete the form and send with the faulty equipment and a copy of the Invoice to our Tech Support office in Sydney.
    NOTE that the RMA Form must accompany the faulty goods – we are unable to accept or fix items which arrive without a completed RMA Form.
  6. On receipt we will verify the fault, repair as necessary and return it to the address you specify.
  7. If the product if found not to be faulty, we may charge a fee for the return of the item.

Note that it is important for customers to keep their purchase Invoice (from a DrayTek distributor or reseller) as proof of the purchase date.