We are aware that TelecomNZ doesn’t support PPPoE (which is common in Australia), and that NZ customers must use PPPoA.

This requires that the modem is configured to do the PPPoA login. It is preferable if the modem can be configured to “Bridge” mode, as this will pass the public IP address to the 3300 (avoiding dual-NAT issues). However the internet connection will still work correctly with the modem’s NAT enabled.

On the Vigor 3300, this is configured using the “DHCP” or “Static” options in the Network > WAN “IP Mode” field.

If you still have a problem with this, would you please raise a helpdesk ticket including

  1. describe the problem in more detail,
  2. backup of your Vigor 3300’s config,
  3. capture a Console log for approx 20 minutes (instructions here)