If the router is unable to achieve line sync, then there is certain information that Draytek Support need to analyse the problem. Firstly, ensure that the latest version of firmware is downloaded and installed on the router. Draytek provide multiple versions of firmware; some are available to assist with line sync issues. Please try all firmwares first before proceeding to contact support with the following information. Firmware for Draytek Vigor routers can be downloaded here.

If the firmware has not fixed the issue, please record the following information and send it to Draytek Support for analysis:

1) Information on ISP, connection type (e.g. ADSL, Cable) and bandwidth plan (e.g. 512/512)

2) A screenshot of the router “Online Status” page. Instructions on how to take a screenshot can be found here.

3) A backup of the router configuration file. Instructions on how to make a backup can be found here.

Please provide the router password so that Support can access the settings within the configuration file.

4) Information through the telnet interface. To telnet into the router, follow the instructions provided here

Then, type in the following commands:

log -tw
adsl status

Please copy and paste the output from each of the commands above into an email and send to us for analysis. Instructions on how to copy-and-paste from a telnet window are included in the link above specified in step (4).

5) A syslog of router activity. A syslog indicates what is happening within the router. Please record a 15 minute syslog and send the syslog file to Support for analysis. Instructions for syslog can be found here.

Finally, please submit all the above information into a Helpdesk Ticket for Draytek Support analysis.