There are a few mistakes that Draytek users encounter when setting up a VoIP account on their vigor router. The following are some common errors that have prevented Draytek users from “registering” their VoIP account with their VoIP provider’s SIP Server.

I. The Register Via is set incorrectly.

The ‘Register Via’ is set to “None” by default. A common error is to leave it as None or Auto. Please ensure that it is set to WAN.

II. Outbound Proxy field is set incorrectly.

Ensure that you know whether your VoIP service requires an Outbound Proxy. Not all VoIP Providers require their clients to use an outbound proxy. Double check the VoIP configuration settings with your VoIP Provider.

III. ‘Space’ characters at the beginning or end of fields.

For the VoIP account to register with the sip server, ALL settings such as Domain, Proxy, Account Number, Password etc need to be letter-for-letter correct. A common error is users accidently leaving a ‘space’ character (i.e. a blank space) at either the beginning or end of their sip server and account details. Please ensure that information is formatted correctly into the correct fields.

IV. Incorrect SIP Account settings in Account Number and Password fields.

Some VoIP Providers issue clients two sets of usernames and passwords. One set is for connecting a VoIP device to their network; the other is for use with their website, to perform account functions such as checking balance, paying for credit and viewing call history. A common problem is draytek users getting the password mixed up – please ensure that only your VoIP account details (such as phone number and password) are entered into the Sip Related Functions / Sip Accounts Index page.

V. Incorrect Expiry time setting.

A misconception is that the Expiry Time setting dictates how long a VoIP conversation can last. That is incorrect. The expiry time settings indicates to the router how often it should re-register with the sip server. The expiry time setting on the router should be less than or equal to the value specified by your VoIP Provider. If the expiry time setting is set incorrectly, the draytek router may lose registration status with the sip server.

The screenshot below shows the correct configuration of a SIP account on a Vigor 2800VG.