Peer-2-Peer software clients do not use standardised ports. As such, the vigor routers cannot support peer-2-peer for QoS like it can for other internet services, such as HTTP and FTP. If you use peer-2-peer on one of the computers (Computer A) on your network, and want to give it priority when the network bandwidth becomes congested, then the only “work-around” method would be to assign an Advanced Index Rule that specifies that all traffic coming from Computer A will get priority.

For an example configuration, see “How do I setup QoS on an external VoIP device?

Note that the above example is used for an external VoIP device. Simply change:-
I. The class index name
II. Enter in the ip address of the computer that is running the peer-2-peer client in the SrcEdit page.

Be aware that any traffic coming from computer A will receive priority, not just the peer-2-peer software. It is up to users to control which internet applications are running concurrently with the peer-2-peer software client.