Note : only Vigor2700 and Vigor2800 series VoIP Router support the Digit Map function.

1. Introduction

The Vigor2800V allows each call to be configured with a distinct prefix rule. The prefix rule specifies how to interpret digit sequences dialed by the user, and how to convert those sequences into an outbound dial string.

2. Parameters

The prefix rule functionality is regulated by the following configurable parameters:

  • Prefix Number

    The Prefix Number specifies a series of digit sequences. When a user dials a series of digits, each sequence in the prefix rules is tested as a possible match.The matching sequences form a set of candidate digit sequences. As more digits are entered by the user , the set of candidates diminishes until only one or none are valid.

  • Mode

    There are four modes that could be selected in each prefix rule.

    • None : This rule will not change the subsequence of prefix numbers.
    • Add : “OP number” would be added in front of prefix number.
    • Strip : Some numbers of prefix can be automatically deleted when they match with “OP number”.
    • Replace : Prefix number can be automatically replaced with a different subsequence of “OP number”.
  • OP Number

    If you selected mode as “Add”, “Strip” or “Replace”, The OP number will be applied in this rule

  • Min Len and Max Len

    Set the minimum and maximum length of the dial number for applying the prefix number settings.

  • Interface

    The interfaces, referring to the 6 SIP accounts, specify the outgoing call of the digit map rule.

    • PSTN (x)
    • ISDN (x)
    • VoIP1
    • VoIP2
    • VoIP3
    • VoIP4
    • VoIP5
    • VoIP6

3. Examples:

3-1: The 4 interfaces are registered with SIP accounts from different ITSP respectively. When you dial a number, the number will be transmitted via the default interface.

The default interface is configured as VoIP 1.

The digit map is configured as below:

For example, we need to call FWD account 645479, we should dial 2645479, it matches the second rule, so this call is transmitted via interface VoIP2 but not the default VoIP1 and the first number 2 is striped. Of course, you may choose a complex number instead of 1,2,3,4.

3-2: Use digit map to simplify the dial number.

3-2-1: The first rule accepts the call using 03 as prefix number.
For example, “035972727”, It matches the first rule, dial number is 9 and the prefix number is 03, so SIP account1(VoIP1) will make a phone call “035972727”.

3-2-2: The second rule accepts the call using 886 as prefix number.
For example, “88635972727” would match second rule and transmit “35972727” as dial number by SIP account2. ( VoIP2 )

3-2-3: The third rule accepts the call using 04 as prefix number.
For example, “048993765” would match third rule and transmit “886048993765” as dial number by SIP account3. ( VoIP3 )

3-2-4: The fourth rule accepts the call using 9 as prefix number.
For example, “95505234” would match fourth rule and transmit “08005505234” as dial number by SIP account4. ( VoIP4 )