From the Vigor 2800V’s Main menu (down the left-hand side of the page), click on “VoIP” then “SIP Accounts” to display the SIP Accounts List page.

Click the index “1” to enter or update the first SIP account profile (as shown below configured for SPANtalk) :


  1. “Profile Name” can be any value to help you identify the profile.
  2. “Register via” should be set to “Auto” or “WAN”.
    – “None” will generally stop this SIP profile from working.  You should only use “none” if you plan to dial IP addresses only, or your VoIP allows you to make calls without registering.
    – You should should only use the “LAN/VPN” setting if you have a SIP server (e.g. an asterisk PBX) on your LAN.
  3. “SIP Port”, “Domain/Realm”, “Account Number/Name” and “Password” are all as provided by your VoIP Provider.
  4. “Proxy” and “Act as outbound proxy” should only be entered if your VoIP provider gives “Outbound Proxy” details.
  5. “Display Name” will be provided to people you call as their caller-ID.
  6. “Account Number” and “Authentication ID” should both be set to your VoIP phone number.
  7. Expiry Time should be the same or less than your VoIP provider’s expiry time.
  8. “NAT Traversal Support” should be set to “None”.
  9. “Ring Port” allows you to indicate which FXS port should ring when a call is received from this VoIP provider.  If “VoIP1” is ticked, the phone connected to the FXS1 port (at the back of the Vigor2800V) will ring.  “VoIP2” refers to the FXS2 port.  You can tick both VoIP ports.
  10. “Ring Pattern” allows you to select different (distinctive) ringing sounds for each SIP Account profile.

Click the [OK] button to save your settings and return to the SIP Accounts List page, as shown below:


  1. NAT Traversal Settings are only needed if you will be connecting to your VoIP provider through an additional router.
  2. It can take up to 1 minute after saving the SIP Account profile before the Vigor 2800V registers with the VoIP provider’s SIP server.
  3. When the Vigor 2800V has registered with the VoIP provider’s SIP server, the status (right-hand column) will show an “R”.  You can now make calls through this VoIP account.
  4. If the Status is not “R”, the account is not registered, and you cannot make calls through it.

If the SIP account does not register, please check the settings, particularly the Account Number and Password.