This can be achieved simply by using the VoIP > Digit Map setup. The following image shows a prefix “8” used to make calls via VoIP1 provider, and prefix “9” to make calls using VoIP2 provider.

Note that the prefix “8” is stripped off (i.e. not sent to the VoIP provider as part of the phone number being dialled), so dialling “802 9643 9989” results in your VoIP provider calling 02 9643 9989.

In the above example the prefix “9” is stripped off and replaced with “029” prefix, so dialling “9643 9989” will result in “02 9643 9989” being sent to the VoIP provider and dialled. This might be particularly useful for SPANtalk customers in Sydney, allowing them to dial local numbers the same as their PSTN phone, with the Vigor 2800 actually dialling the number with Area Code as required by SPANtalk.

See also “VoIP – Digit Map