From users remarks there appear to be several limitations of the USB Printer port on the newer Vigor 2600plus/G/V and Vigor 2900 series models. They are:

  • Does not support bi-directional printer interface. If your printer comes with a utility or driver software that detects how full the ink cartridge is, it will not work.
  • Cannot support the other modes of multi-function printer/scanner/fax devices.
  • Cannot print documents larger than the printers buffer memory

I recommend three alternatives:

  1. Connect your USB printer to one of your computers (which is powered on most of the time, such as a server), and use the Windows built-in printer sharing.
  2. Use a dedicated Printer Server device; or dedicate an old PC (a 386 is quite adequate) to being the Printer Server using the Windows built-in printer sharing.
  3. Purchase a network printer (such as the Dell 1700n laser at $419).This has networking functionality built-in, and simply plugs into your LAN using a standard ethernet cable.