That depends on whether any of your current 10 Rort Redirects could be setup as Open Ports. You might like to start by reading “What are the differences between Port Mapping, Open Ports and DMZ“?

Most simple Port Redirects (such as opening ports for web and email server) can be handled using either method, since the public port numbers aren’t being mapped to internal port numbers. By using the Vigor’s NAT > Open Ports option you can have up to 10 LAN devices (or Applications) defined, each with up to 10 ports (or ranges of ports) opened.

So when would you use Port Redirection ?  This is useful when you have two or more devices each using the same local port number (e.g. a web server and a webcam), but you want to make both accessible from the web.  Assuming the above Open Ports for the web server, you could use the following to map public port 8081 to local device port 80.

If your public IP Address is, visitors could type to view your website (on your web server at default HTTP port 80), or to view your webcam.