Check the Vigor router’s Online Status page.

Starting from the bottom of the page, look at the ADSL Status section.  If the data is in red, such as below, then the modem cannot detect an ADSL signal on the phone line.

There are several possibilities, including:

  • Are the two left-most lights blinking rapidly?  In normal operation ACT blinks approx once/second.  When in Firmware Upgrade mode the two left-most LEDS (usually ACT and whichever is next to it) blink much faster.  In this case, use the DrayTek Firmware Upgrade utility to re-load the latest available firmware into the router.
  • Phone line to the router may not be connected properly.  Unplug the phone line going into your Draytek modem/router, attach to a standard telephone, and try to make a call.  If you don’t get dial tone, then check the phone wire.
  • ADSL Filter must NOT be between the modem and the wall socket.  The ADSL Filter will filter out the ADSL signal, and so should be placed between the wall socket and any telephone handset connected to the ADSL-enabled phone line.
  • Phone line to the router may not have had ADSL activated correctly.  Unfortunately Telstra charge if they test your line and find that it is working, so we suggest trying another ADSL modem first.  Maybe you could borrow an ADSL modem, or ask a friend to bring theirs to try on your line.  If neither modem can see the ADSL signal, then place a fault call through your ISP.
  • Modem/router could be faulty.  If you borrowed another modem, and it worked on your line, then this is a reasonable conclusion.  If you couldn’t borrow someone else’s modem, you may be able to take your modem/router and test it on someone else’s ADSL line to prove whether your modem/router is faulty.

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