ISP support staff can’t be familiar with all models of modems or routers on the market, and so can’t be expected to provide detailed instructions for configuring devices they have never seen.  However sometimes this seems to be used as an excuse for providing no support whatsoever.

Almost all problems at the ISP end which occur when you are using a DrayTek modem/router, should also occur with your PC connected directly to a modem (which is the configuration the ISPs must support).  Consequently we recommend that you temporarily connect one PC to a modem (particularly where the ISP has provided a cable or ADSL modem) and configure as instructed by the ISP.

If the problem still occurs with the ISP’s supported configuration, you can now ring your ISP support back, and they should help resolve the problem.  Note that any changes you make to PC configuration settings may need to be translated to equivalent settings on your DrayTek unit.

If however, the problem does not occur with the ISPs supported configuration, the problem may be with the DrayTek unit’s configuration. Please post a support request via our online helpdesk.