This could be caused by a faulty ADSL module within the Vigor router – however if it is a new connection it is most likely that the new connection was not setup correctly.

Please check the Router Configurator’s “Online Status” page, and look at the ADSL Status at the bottom of the page.

If the ADSL Status data is in red, such as

then the modem cannot detect an ADSL signal on the phone line. This could indicate that:

* your router is not connected to your phone line correctly,
* your phone line is not connected to a DSLAM at the telephone exchange, or
* the DSLAM port is not enabled.

Please start by checking the basics … place a telephone on the line going into your Vigor modem/router and check for dial tone. Check that there is no ADSL filter between the modem and wall socket.

If the data line says “SHOWTIME ” in green (as in the first image above), then the modem has detected an ADSL signal on the phone line. If the ADSL status is green, but the WAN Status data is red, then it is likely that the connection from the DSLAM to the ISP has not been established correctly.

Do you have another ADSL modem you could try ? If the other modem cannot detect the ADSL signal then the problem is definitely with the phone line/DSLAM. If the other modem can detect the ADSL signal and log in, then your modem/router may be faulty.

Note that an ADSL1 modem will work on an ADSL2/2+ connection, but only up to ADSL1 max speed (8Mbps/1Mbps).