Optus ADSL usually offers PPPoE authentication.

Step 1: Login to your DrayTek router. [See the Quick Start Guide included in the box for instructions or download it from our downloads page]

Step 2: Go to Internet Access

Step 3: Select PPPoE/PPPoA and “Enable” this profile

Step 4: Please make sure your “DSL Modem Settings” are:

VPI: 8
VCI: 35
Encapsulating Type: LLC/SNAP
Protocol: PPPoE
Modulation: Multimode

Step 5: Set PPP Authentication set to “PAP Only” (not the default “PAP or CHAP”).

Step 6: Setup your username and password, as supplied by Optus.

Step 7: Click the [OK] button.

After 3 secs to 5 mins you sure have access to Internet. You can also go to Online Status to check your WAN status.