Vigor routers do not actually need to set the Date/Time; however it is useful for:

a) The Scheduling function
b) Syslog, to use stamp each entry with the actual date/time (instead of time since last reboot)

Go to System Maintenance>>Time and Date configuration menu to set the time and date.

We recommend that you use an Internet time client (such as, shown above. For more information about Network Time Protocol, and a list of NTP servers, go to The “Automatically Update Interval” is used to update the Vigor’s clock to ensure it stays accurate.

You can also set the Vigor’s Date/Time from your PC’s clock by selecting “Use Browser Time” and clicking [OK] button. Once the setting has been saved click the [Inquire Time] button to fetch the current Date/Time from your PC. Note that you may have to wait a few seconds and then refresh (or click [Inquire Time] button again) to see the updated Date/Time value.