The first step in setting up your home network is to ensure that all the computers are connected to the router and can successfully connect to the internet.  Click here for details on how to connect your computers to the router and access the internet.

DrayTek Australia is unable to provide specific information on how to configure your computers for home or office networking due to the wide range of hardware and operating systems available. There are a large number of resources available on the internet that give detailed information on how to configure computers to allow them to share files and peripherals etc.

In general for PCs running Microsoft Windows you will need to:

  1. Ensure that all computers have the same Workgroup name
  2. Enable “File and Printer sharing” on any PC which is to be ‘seen’ on the network
  3. Share any Folders and Printers which are to be accessible from other computers

If you require further assistance, please use the MS Windows Online help and/or search the internet for some of the keywords mentioned in the steps above.