i-LAN Technology Pty Ltd t/a DrayTek Australia accept responsibility for the operation of your DrayTek router, but we cannot accept responsibility for other hardware and software components of which we have limited knowledge and no control.

We realise that DrayTek routers must interact with other devices, and so we do try to assist with configuring other hardware and software to work with the DrayTek products; however the information is deliberately general in nature. It is difficult to give a detailed personalised recommendations or instructions in an email or through the telephone.

Also, the cost of providing support is ultimately borne by all customers, factored into the purchase price. It would not be fair to the 95% of customers who require no support, to ask them to pay more so that we can provide assistance with hardware and software we are not responsible for, to a small minority of end users.

If you do require personal assistance, you could:

  • ask the reseller who you bought your DrayTek router from. Note that there is no requirement for them to provide on-site assistance, and in the case of internet shops this may be physically impossible.
  • ask a friend, relative or teenage neighbour to help setting up your LAN.
  • ask through your local computer users’ group, or local computer retailers.
  • look in local newspapers or telephone directory for Computer Repairs.