This guide will help solve common problems when installing a router.

1. Verify the hardware status.

Check you have power and WLAN/LAN cable connections are connected. The router ACT LED should blink once per second and the LAN LED your PC is connected to should be on.


2. Check the Network Connection Settings on Your Computer.

Sometimes the link failure occurs due to incorrect network connection settings.

For Windows (The example below is Windows XP):

1. Go to Control Panel and then double-click on Network Connections.

2. Right-click on Local Area Connection and click on Properties.

3. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and then click Properties.

4. Select Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically.


3. Try pinging the Router from Your Computer.

For Windows

  1. Open the Command Prompt window ( from Start menu > Run ).
  2. Type command ( for Windows 95/98/ME ) or cmd ( for Windows NT/ 2000/XP ). The DOS command dialog will appear.
  3. Type ping and press [Enter].
  4. You should see ” Reply from time<1ms TTL=255 “.

If all good so far but you still can’t connect to the Internet:


4. Check the ISP Settings are correct

Go to Internet Access settings in the Router.

A. For PPPoE/PPPoA Users (the vast majority in Australia)

  1. Check if the Enable option is selected.
  2. Check all DSL Modem Settings entered match the values you got from your ISP.
  3. Check the Username and Password entered are correct.

B. For MPoA (RFC1483/2684) Users

  1. Check if the Enable option is selected.
  2. Check all DSL Modem Settings entered match the values you got from your ISP.
  3. Check if IP AddressSubnet Mask and Gateway are set correctly, or use DHCP to obtain IP automatically by clicking Obtain an IP address automatically.


5. Set the Router back to Factory Default.

Often when everything looks fine but it still won’t connect, it can help to set the router back to its default settings. This will both wipe any incorrect settings entered and also allow you to start over in case something like a simple typo was the issue.  There’s two ways to reset the router:

Warning : After pressing factory default setting, you will lose all settings you did before. Make sure you have recorded all useful settings before you pressing. 

1. Software Reset

Go to System Maintenance >> Reboot System on the web page. The following screen will appear. Choose Using factory default configuration and click OK. After few seconds, the router will reboot with all settings back to to the factory default.

2. Hardware Reset

While the router is running (ACT LED blinking), press the RST button and hold for more than 5 seconds. Keep holding it in until the ACT LED blinks rapidly, then release the button. The router will then restart with the default configuration.


6. Contacting Your Dealer.

If the router still doesn’t work correctly after trying all of the above, please contact your dealer or contact DrayTek Support for further assistance.